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Gigalane has contributed to the national defense industry and aviation field by providing verified RF cables and connectors to the various weapon systems. We understand how important the reliability and performance of our RF connectivity and interconnection are when being utilized in our customers’ systems. With our vast experience of many national defense projects from designing to manufacturing, we do designing, manufacturing, and testing that is military-and-aviation-graded. We provide the required materials such as SDRL, TDP, CoC, and 2D/3D modeling as well.

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Due to the extreme environmental changes and weight loads of up to 10g, electronic and electric systems for aircraft requires high-quality cables and connectors. Gigalane has a great deal of experience in aviation applications, resistance equipment, cables for aviation electric equipment, and development, manufacture, and testing of connectors and cable systems. NAT solutions, which are being used in many different systems around the world, have been proven to be reliable and meet intricate requirements. Gigalane is specialized in high-performance, small-sized, and light-weight solutions for low-loss interconnection of microwaves.
RF+DC & shielding & Phase-matched & Hermetically sealed

In most modern applications restricted space requires high packing density and reduced weight, while data rates increase and rigorous safety standards require the highest quality and reliability. Hybrid, or multiport solution offer unequaled advantages

  • • One stop for low frequency, high frequency and DC signal
  • • Space saving and easy to install
  • • Reduces mounting time and increases system reliability
Your options
  • • To enhance flexibility, we can offer cables-twist solution
  • • To reduce RF leakage, we provide special shielding tech.
Phase-matched & Hermetically sealed & Light-weight

As required by aircraft sector, modern microwave cable assemblies must be lightweight, small in size and not sacrifice performance. All cables are designed to meet statutory aircraft requirements and are in compliance with MIL-T-81490, which enables the cable to withstand harsh environments over a long period of time.

  • • Frequency ranges : DC to 18 GHz
  • • Max VSWR : 1.35 : 1
  • • Meta-Aramid(Nomex), Para-Aramid(Kevlar)
  • • Various connector available including self-locking
  • • 10~20% Light-weight than others

Gigalane designs and manufactures a wide range of standard and high-performance connectors and adaptors that are ideal for airborne cable assemblies.

Aircrafts normally have many partition walls and Gigalane offers special designed bulkhead adaptors to fit it with full integrity. We also offer self-locking.

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