5G Network Infrastructure

Gigalane has continuously been supplying RF cable assemblies, connectors, antenna modules, and other various RF interconnect products and components that are qualified for the nextgenenration mobile network technology.
Also, we not only provide products and components adequate for RF performance and reliability suited for 5G, but also we continue our efforts to develop new solutions for the next generation network technology.

Related Products

It appears that more areas will be using small-cells that are efficient for traffic management in a small area through excellent traffic dispersion effects under 5G network.
Especially, we are prepared with various solutions, expecting the demand for the various small-cell devices which will be increased in indoors and outdoors.
Applied Products
  • Small Cell (2-Carrier)

  • Outdoor AP(Directional type)

  • Outdoor AP (Omni type)

  • Enterprise AP

  • 5G CPE BLE

  • 5G MMU Antenna (Massive MIMO Unit)

  • Network AP and small cell antenna module (~28GHz)

    - Enterprise AP, LAA antenna, multi-carrier antenna, outdoor AP, etc.

  • Low-power IoT module (~ 6GHz)

    - Signal, BLE antenna, etc.

  • Design and simulation technology

    - Optimization through antenna design and electromagnetic wave analysis (Ansys HFSS)

  • Small antenna design and optimization technology

    - Performance realization by antenna type (PIFA, LDS, IMD, etc.)

  • Network antenna design and ultra-high frequency antenna design technology

    - Structure design analysis and beam width adjustment for patch antenna, array antenna, etc.

  • Antenna development environment

    - 3D chamber, antenna pattern routing equipment, etc.

  • Antennae and cable assembly modules in house production

Core Solutions

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