Nanopatterning technology thus far has been focused on miniaturizing the semiconductor device using-highly expensive equipment. Gigalane has developed nanopatterning devices with high-quality and mass-productivity. With this, we are helping the as-yet-impossible nano applications in LEC, LCD, Bio, medical technology, ubiquity, etc. by automating the imprint device and molding and imprinting resin technology.

Related Products
  • - 2inch-8inch, Nano to Micro Pattern
  • - LED, Display, Other Electric Devices
  • - Flexible Resin Mold
  • - Coater in-line or optional
  • - 20㎚ Pattern Resolution
  • - Use of Repeatable Soft Mold
  • - Lower CoC & CoO
  • - Very small foot print against Photo Litho Equipments
  • - Comet-free
Applied Products

When making a wire grid polarizer, imprinting is used to realize the metal pattern through the resistant patterning and the metal etcher. By using the imprint process instead of the expensive ArF stepper, we can realize the 50nm line and space pattern in high-quality with a low price. We make the product high-quality through highly-precise etching processability for the metal, or inorganic oxide patterns used in WGP patterns.

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