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As greater interests are gathered in the ecology, development, and commercialization of electronic cars, then those cars become the hot potatoes of all related businesses in Korea. Also rising is the importance of semiconductor components for high electric power.

A GaN device, a key to defense-purposed strategic materials, is also an important power device. GigaLane has been offering the ICP etcher adequate to produce power devices for years. We can boast not only the power device manufacture on Si circuit boards, but also Trench process using an SiC circuit board, Back Via, etc.

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ICP Etcher
  • - 2inch-8inch Shpphire, Si, SiC, GaAs, LN/LT Substrate
  • - PSS, GaN, 5iC, GaAs, Polymide, Metal, Dielectric films, Etc.
  • - Tray Type(Conventional/Face Down)
  • - Standalone (ESC, In-line Asher Optical)
  • - PSS Lens : Symmetric Pyramidal Shape, (Height,Width) ±0.05㎛
  • - Face-down Chamber (MAXIS800L) : Particle free, High throughput
  • - Throughput (MAXIS300L/MAXIS800L) : Tray Type (2,4,6,8inch)
  • - Dual Chiller and Dual Gas Flow (MAXIS800L)
  • - Standalone_4,6,8inch,ESC/Mechanical Clamp available (MAXIS200L)
  • - In-line VDS Asher for Metal Etcher (NeoGEN MAXIS200L_RADIION200)
  • - ESC for Piezoelectric Substrate of SAW filter
  • - SIC Trench or TSV etching
Applied Device and Process Capability
  • Image Source : New Electronics GaN Power Device A power device that is key to the national defense that can handle the high electric power.

  • Image Source : New Electronics SiC Power Device We have the process performance to freely process SiC materials, which can endure high voltage of 1,000V or more, with Back Via, Trench, etc.

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