Optical Device

The effort is ongoing as strongly as there are customers who want brighter light and clearer sound. Gigalane is leading the technological advancements and making new environments by providing customizing etching equipment that is specialized for the product to ensure quality.

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  • - 2inch-8inch, Nano to Micro Pattern
  • - LED, Display, Other Electric Devices
  • - Flexible Resin Mold
  • - Coater in-line or optional
  • - 20㎚ Pattern Resolution
  • - Use of Repeatable Soft Mold
  • - Lower CoC & CoO
  • - Very small foot print against Photo Litho Equipments
  • - Comet-free
Applied Products

By replacing the stepper process into the imprint process to make etching-resistant patterns used for making PSS (Patterned Sapphire Substrate) structures to maximize the light extraction efficiency of the LED chips, we make the minute pattern hardly realizable by steppers. We provide the ICP etcher ability that can consistently etch the desired PSS shape onto a sapphire wafer using the resistant pattern.

  • with PSS High efficiency light extraction by reflection from the surface of the PSS

  • Optic device Due to total reflection, some part of the light cannot be extracted because of no patterned surface.

  • Imprinted pattern

  • etched pattern

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