RF Device

The development and the commercialization of the high-speed RF devices are ongoing, which is essential in realizing IoT, self-driving cars, AI, etc. RF devices that are being developed only in a certain small number of companies, are the key component building toward the Republic of Korea leading the world in this field. Gigalane, with our dry etcher and its excellent properties, can precisely process these special materials. Also, we have leading equipment that provides excellent frequency response characteristics.

Related Products
  • - 2inch-8inch, Nano to Micro Pattern
  • - LED, Display, Other Electric Devices
  • - Flexible Resin Mold
  • - Coater in-line or optional
  • - 20㎚ Pattern Resolution
  • - Use of Repeatable Soft Mold
  • - Lower CoC & CoO
  • - Very small foot print against Photo Litho Equipments
  • - Comet-free
Applied Device and Process Capability
  • Image Source : New Electronics SAW Filter(Surface Acoustic Wave) - ESC technology specialized for Piezoelectric Substrates (LT, LN) - excellent metal pattern printability - able to realize the highly-precise IDT pattern etch resin of the KrF ArF stepper resolution (50 - 300nm) on the LT, and LN wafer on a wafer through the whole imprintation process

  • Image Source : New Electronics BAW-SMR(Bulk Acoustic Wave-Surface Mounted Resonator) Variety Piezoelectric Film Etching Capability

  • Image Source : New Electronics FBAR(Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator) - Variety Piezoelectric Film Etching Capability - Air Cavity Etching Capability

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